The Beauty of an Email Delivery Service

The Beauty of an Email Delivery Service

Thousands and thousands of businesses today send transactional and marketing emails to their prospective customers with the intention of converting them into loyal clients. Why not? After all, email marketing is among the cheapest marketing tools in this day and age.

If used correctly, emaily marketing could also turn to be the most effective in expanding one’s customer base. However, there is one thing that immensely reduces the impact of email marketing – poor email deliverability. Statistics show that around 25% of the emails sent by businesses to their potential clients don’t really get to the inbox of the intended recipients.

What this means is many of your customers may not receive crucial feedback from you leading to customer disatisafaction and eventually you lose clients. In occasions where you were targetting getting new customers, your emails may never really bring about new businesses as they never got to reach the recipient(s). This is where an email delivery service comes in.

Email Monitoring

Services that deal with email delivery ensure that your mails reach the inbox of the recipients you had in mind. One way that such a service helps you to know how many potential clients have truly received your marketing emails is through tracking and monitoring all the emails you get to send. This way you can really give a record of the emails that you’ve sent which have reached their destination and try to match that up with the increase in sales or profits to see just how effective email marketing is working out for you.

Avoiding Spam

Many ISPs today try to reduce email volume for their customers by coming up with new and better email filters so that emails from unwanted senders can immediately be sent to the Spam Folder. An email deliver service can equally help you in this regard as it can enable you to know some of the steps you can take to avoid your emails from being identified as spam. For instance, you need to avoid using spam words like discount, free, best price, bargain and easy terms to mention a few. Additionally, you may want to keep off from using spam colors like red or writing emails that are stuffed with too many links.

Encrypted and Secure Email Delivery

Whether it is transactional or marketing emails you are sending, the one thing you want every business wants to ensure is that their emails are delivered safely to target recipients. A good email delivery service will come with proper encryption usually, TLS encryption that guarantees the secure deliverability of your emails.

Excellent Scalable Infrastructure

Finally, when going for an email deliverability service; it’s important to see to it that it has an incredibly scalable infrastructure that can be scaled up or down depending on the growth of your business. This way you don’t have to go through the hassles of building your own infrastructure while at the same time you get to enjoy full support for the expansion of your business.


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