Comes with a gala concert on 14 65th August 2003 Season of LUCERNE FESTIVAL, SOMMER opened. Claudio Abbado conducts the Lucerne Festival Orchestra new. With this unique ensemble, playing music at the consoles are great soloists, LUCERNE FESTIVAL is back after ten year break his own orchestra. With three symphony concerts, chamber music and selected fine chamber orchestra concerts, the first week of the festival is dedicated to this new orchestra.

Lucerne Festival

Lucerne Festival

Claudio Abbado will perform in his programs, the topic of summer 2003. Under the key word “I” is drawn with music from the Renaissance to the present, in symphony and chamber concerts, recitals and in the programs of “modernity”, the profile of the human being. The theme unfolds in the concert series “Wanderer,” “Mirror”, “limit”, “Portrait” and is further explored in a three-day symposium. The production of Richard Wagner’s “The Flying Dutchman” is a contribution of the Lucerne Theatre on the topic. In the series of 30 symphony orchestra concerts in Lucerne on 16 major guest will be. In addition to the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA will the Berlin Philharmonic – the first time in Lucerne with her new boss Simon Rattle – the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra as-in-residence to Lucerne.

LUCERNE FESTIVAL invites for the first time a two-artists as “artiste étoile”: the Swiss cellist, composer and festival director Thomas Demenga opened his programs interesting perspectives on contemporary music. The Hamburg GMD Metzmacher conducts one of the most impressive works of the 20th Century: the “Requiem for a Young Poet” by Bernd Alois Zimmermann, like a gigantic live radio play.

The two composers-in-residence are at SUMMER 2003 Heiner Goebbels and Isabel Mundry. Heiner Goebbels has been working with his new direction for musical theater. Isabel Mundry impressed in her work by an original use of time, space and sound.
LUCERNE FESTIVAL SUMMER 2003 has to be awarded to 11 jobs composers for new works. A total of 16 compositions are premiered.
Comprehensive is the commitment of LUCERNE FESTIVAL for young musicians: as part of the series’ debut “is for SUMMER 2003, the winner of the competition” Prix Credit Suisse Jeunes Soloists presents “In the projects of” Children’s Corner “children experience the fascinating world. of music. In collaboration with the Lucerne School of Music will be performed in early 2004 to Preview LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY, under the baton of Pierre Boulez Künster metallic.

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