Green Card by Marriage – A Means for US Permanent Residency

Green Card by MarriageAcquiring a green card by marriage is among the most effective means of having legal residency in theUnited States. In fact, a lot of foreigners think of marrying US citizens in order to fast track their way into permanent residency in theUS. Since there are no quotas or limitations on the number of individuals who may get their green cards through marriage, it has become one of the popular ways to get legal residency. However, petitioners must be very careful and meticulous with their applications since validation may not be assured. You have to understand that all of these applications are diligently checked and investigated to be certain that the particular marriage is legitimate and is not only done for the purposes of getting legal residency. To prevent any troubles with your green card by marriage process, it is very important to know about the most usual mistakes that the majority of people make when processing these applications. You need to go to great lengths to prevent yourself from these common errors that will absolutely give you delays or unfavorable outcomes. Here is a glance at the top 10 problems that petitioners have to avoid when applying for a green card through marriage.

Previous criminal issues must not be considered lightly if you are applying for a green card by marriage. In case you have previous arrests or convictions, you need to advance with your application with extreme caution. This holds true particularly for prior immigration violations that could clearly cause a few undesirable dents in your green card by marriage application process. Lots of immigrants and petitioners truly assume that very old cases and minor convictions that have been forgiven because of rehabilitation or other related process won’t give them any issues with their green card applications. Nonetheless, this is actually very far from the truth because even the most juvenile litigation cases can set a red flag on your application. Even juvenile convictions like misdeed and citations must not be covered as this may lead to very serious circumstances. The negligence to reveal honest details could actually provoke more difficulties than you think, including the revocation of your long-term residency or the actual rejection of your green card application. To prevent yourself from any complications, you need to talk to a professional and well-performing immigration lawyer for any situations that may have resulted to some encounters with the police.

There are a number of mistakes that you must avoid when seeking a green card by marriage. You need to be on the lookout for these usual errors in order to avoid any problems with your application. However, several petitioners focus on the greater points that they neglect to take particular notice at the common issues. These problems are the compliance of non-English papers and materials. Some immigrants may provide supporting information from their home countries which include languages aside from English. You should ensure to translate all of these papers to avoid having denied. It’s also wise to be highly meticulous in terms of filling out your green card by marriage forms, such as the selection of the proper classifications. There are different types of classifications in green card applications, so remember to choose the best one where you meet all the eligibility conditions. In addition to the common mistakes cited above, petitioners must also avoid reviewing immigration laws that have been dated back many years ago. Remember, the immigration laws are improved every now and then, so you have to look at the updated information to prevent any troubles with the application.

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